Basic GiftsEdit

Curse of Aeolus
You suffer no visual impairment; but all others suffer a two trait penalty on all challenges
Activation Challenge has a retest of Occult

Heightened Senses
As the Lupus Gift

Sense of the Prey
As the Ragabash Gift

Sense Wyrm
As the Metis Gift

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Body Wrack
Target is always down 4 Traits

Visceral Agony

  • If a victim of this Gift is Healthy, they are not affected by this Gift
  • If a victim of this Gift is Bruised, they are down 2 Traits for the Round, rather than the normal 1
  • If a victim of this Gift is Wounded, they bid 3 Traits for the Round, rather than the normal 2, in addition to Bruised penalties

Wasp Talons
Hits with this Gift deal your total claw damage
The Challenge to hit with this Gift is a normal Brawl Challenge against your target
After a hit with this Gift, you may make a Simple Test to deal one additional damage
You may use the Ranged retest when using this Gift

Advanced GiftsEdit

Thousand Forms
As the Ragabash Gift
Flavor text modifications are as per book

Wyld Warp
Activation is Gnostic rather than Mental

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